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About Millionaire Business School

The Millionaire Business School is a Street Smart Business School with the mission to create millionaires through business and property investment. Millionaires are ordinary people like you that take massive and extraordinary actions to succeed. All you need to have is an open mind to learn, a passionate desire to succeed, and the willingness to work really hard.

How will you benefit from the Millionaire Business School?

• You will learn mind blowing business & property investment strategies that will help you become a millionaire.
• You will learn tried and tested strategies that work and avoid the deadly mistakes in business and property investment.
• You will learn how to create multiple streams of income from business and property investment.
• You will be taught, coached and mentored by real millionaires that have been there, done it and achieved it.
• You will be surrounded by millionaires and future millionaires that you can network with.

Millionaire Business Club – Join Us Today!

The Millionaire Business Club provides financial education talks & networking events that include;

1. Business & Property Talks & Seminars
2. Business Networking Events
3. Business & Property Fair Visits & Educational Tours

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We provide you with world-class business & financial education training with high quality content to guide you on how to create multiple streams of income through business & investment.
Kindly contact Gym [email protected] – 277 3968 (
[email protected]) or JL [email protected] – 360 0976 ([email protected]) for further information.

The Millionaire Makers

Asia’s No.1 Business Coach, TV & Radio Personality, Serial Entrepreneur & Investor,
Box Office Film Producer & Director


The Sales Guru, Certified Master Trainer, Entrepreneur & Investor

“The Financial Oracle”, Chartered Accountant (M), ACMA, Entrepreneur & Investor,
Peak Performance Coach

How old were you when you made your first million and how long did it take you?

Ernie Chen“I made my first million when I was 33 years old and it took me 8 months…”