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How to GET RICH in 2018 through Business and Investment

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How to GET RICH in 2018 through Business and Investment

  • 07 Jan 2017 to 07 Jan 2017
  • PORTMAN College
  • Selangor / Malaysia

Program Description


The GET RICH 2018 is a series of educational event that targeting anyone who aspires to be rich by multiple streams of income that includes business and investment.


To create awareness of the financial crisis and educate people on how to achieve financial freedom through multiple streams of income.


The main highlight of the event is how to get rich through business and investment.

Event Attendees

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone seeking to get rich

    • Business owner and investor

    • Financial Institutions

    • Financial Educators

    • Financial Services Companies

    • Financial Aid Officers

    • Investment Education Centers

    • Banking & Investment Executives

    • Stock Brokerage Firms

    • Insurance Companies

    • Wealth Management Firms

    • Fund and Asset Management Houses

    • Government Officials and Staff

    • REIT and Trust Companies

    • Property Investment Companies

    • Property Developers

    • Listed Companies


Why attend GET RICH 2018 OUTLOOK?

1. Are you struggling with the cost of living that is increasing rapidly? 2. Is your salary stagnant or income not growing fast enough? 3. Is there a possibility that you may be losing your job in an uncertain and tough economic environment?


If you answered YES to the above 3 questions, we have the solution for you.




The solution is to start learning how to generate multiple streams of income through business and investment. Learn how to leverage on business and investment to make money work harder for you instead of you working hard for money.


This is the reason why Millionaire Business School has been organizing our Annual GET RICH OUTLOOK Financial Education event to help you start 2018 on the right path with your business and investment. Most importantly, this event will provide you with a good insight into the business and investment opportunities to grow your wealth.




Your Speakers

Ernie Chen 
Asia’s No.1 Business Coach,
TV& Radio Personality,
President & Group CEO of ATCEN Education Group
Title: 3 Strategies to become a Rich Entrepreneur


Vincent Nee
Business Owner
Entrepreneur & Property Investor & Trainer
Co-founder of Maxihomes
Title: How to turn Property Management into Business


Fione Tan
President & CEO of
Councillor in PIKCM
Title: New proven ways to make money online, even without products idea


Millionaire Business School speakers and courses have been featured on media and events regularly that include:


FAQs About the Event


What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?
Kindly click on this to view.


What can I bring to the event?

Please bring an open mind to learn how to create multiple streams of income.


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Please contact +603 7728 2623 or 8941 3733 or email us at [email protected]


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