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I started my business investment journey just like you not knowing what I was doing. I was naive but was eager to learn how to become an entrepreneur and investor because I knew that this is what I needed to do to achieve financial freedom. I attended and paid thousands of dollars buying courses that were just a lot of fluff with no real business investment strategies. In short, the courses did not help me make real money and it sure did not help me start or grow my businesses. Worst of all, most of the speakers and trainers are fakes with no track record of business or investment success and was only interested to keep up selling me courses during the course itself.


Being a newbie at this, I believed and bought into the excitement of the sales pitch and paid for courses after courses. This left me financially dry after a while as I found that it was just not sustainable and practical to keep attending courses. I needed a more cost effective and convenient way to learn to help me grow and sustain my motivation to become a successful entrepreneur and investor.


This is when I found Millionaire Business School.

Your Trainer: Ernie Chen


Hi my name is Ernie Chen, Asia’s No.1 Business Coach, the author of best selling book “10 Ultimate Tips for Confidence,” recently launched “10 Ultimate Business Strategies” and the Founder of Millionaire Business School. Over the last 25 years I have been an active serial entrepreneur and investor that have started, bought, fix and sold businesses all over Asia. I have also built a multi-million dollar group of diverse businesses in education, training business advisory, media communication, entertainment events, digital marketing solutions and food beverages. In the process of building my very successful businesses, I have also trained and help hundreds of thousand people both new and experienced entrepreneurs all over the world to build very successful businesses of their own.

Believe me when I say that I know your pain and challenges as I too have been there and experienced it first hand myself. I know how it feels to succeed but more importantly, I know how it feels to fail. I have made so many business mistakes while building my multi-million dollar businesses and have figured out what works and what does not. With my intention to continue to make a difference and to help more people get educated on the right way to succeed in their businesses, I decided to put together a series of entrepreneurial, motivational skills enhancement videos that can help you avoid the pitfalls that could be fatal to your business. In addition, I have also created a series of videos that focuses on business, marketing financial strategies that will help you win market share and increase your sales revenue while creating multiple streams of income. As an added bonus, I have also compiled a series of business skills enhancement investing knowledge videos by the business advisor expert panel from Millionaire Business School that is absolutely free for you.


With Millionaire Business School, you can be assured that you will have the best mentors that are real entrepreneurs that have started and continue to grow businesses. Your mentors are also successful investors that have built investment portfolios that will provide you with updated courses to help you build your business and investment portfolio as a successful entrepreneur and investor. Most importantly, it is so affordable and convenient for you to learn immediately, consistently, and continuously at anytime and anywhere.


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